LinkedIn Public Data API

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn: Leverage Our Enterprise-Grade, Real-Time API for Fast, Stable & Affordable Public Data Insights

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import requests
# Set API URL url = ""
# Set API key headers = {
'X-API-KEY': 'your_api_key',
# Set payload payload = {
'profile_id': 'williamhgates',
# Get Response resp =, json=payload, headers=headers)
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Feature #1
Personal Data

Obtain real-time, up-to-date public personal data of LinkedIn users with our scalable API, covering the entire LinkedIn network.

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Feature #2
Company Data

Retrieve comprehensive company profile data using our API, encompassing the entire LinkedIn corporate landscape.

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Feature #3
People & Company Search

Effortlessly search and discover people and companies with our API, streamlining your LinkedIn exploration.

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Feature #4
Company Employees

Seamlessly obtain employee lists of LinkedIn companies using our API, enriching your corporate data insights.

Access LinkedIn's Power with our API

Unlock LinkedIn's power with our cost-effective, high-volume API solution, providing 100% fresh, real-time data to meet even the most demanding requirements.